PVHS Updates

September 29, 2020


Students and Parents,

The end of Quarter 1 is fast approaching and will be here on October 9.  We wanted to take this opportunity to share our concern about our students and their progress in their learning.


We have had many challenges to overcome during the first 9 weeks including technology, change in learning environment, and establishing new routines for school.  All of these have been addressed and we hope that we have provided resources for each student to overcome these challenges.


With that, we still understand that the early challenges have been barriers to student success.  We want you to know that our goal for every student is success in every classroom.  We want to support this success by sharing our plan for any student who may still be failing their courses during Quarter 1 regardless of current percentage.  The staff at PVHS has developed the following process for which students can become successful.


1.     Student will email teachers of classes they are currently failing that they wish to pass.  This should be done as soon as possible, no later than Friday, October 2.

2.    Teacher will respond with an opportunity to meet with students individually or correspond over email.  It is preferred that these discussions take place through Zoom during office hours or at the end of class times.  Reminder that office hours are Wednesday and Friday from 1pm-2pm.

3.    During this meeting or correspondence, teachers will develop an action plan with the student that provides the best opportunity for the student to pass their class for the first quarter.

4.    This plan will include steps for completion of assignments and/or assessments that will determine student understanding of essential content.  Each step will have a timeline for completion.  All plans will be completed by October 9.

5.  With challenges minimized and with students and teachers with established routines in schedule and expectations, this opportunity is only for Quarter 1.  This allows for students who had initial challenges to be in a place of success for future coursework.


Please encourage your child(ren) to participate in this opportunity if needed.


Always a Panther…

PVHS Staff

September 16, 2020
Students and Parents,
I hope that you are all well and staying safe. Please take the time to read this email in its entirety.  
I wanted to begin by celebrating the many students who have made their growth in learning a priority.  There are many success stories about what you have achieved so far.  There are also inspiring stories about the challenges that many of you have overcome as well. 
The first reminder is that we will be providing Progress Reports this Friday, September 18.
Second, I wanted to take a moment to remind you about the importance of staying engaged and in contact with your teachers.  As you know, all course work during this remote and virtual learning time counts towards credit attainment for graduation.  The grades you receive during this semester also count towards your GPA and could affect acceptance to colleges and acquiring scholarships for your post-secondary plans.  The real reminder for this paragraph is to put yourself in a position and make choices that make your current and future success the most likely. 
Friday will be the halfway point of the first quarter.  There are many students who have yet to check in or log in to any classes on Schoology or Zoom.  At this time, the earliest that we will have students in face to face classrooms is October 13.  This means that the first quarter will be completely online.  (Our teachers are working with students who have either recently received or have not received a laptop.  The FMS district has provided 'hotspots' for those students who need access to the internet.  PVHS and Farmington Schools have worked diligently in providing solutions to the many challenges that we started with). 
Please reach out to your teachers, your counselor, or an administrator if you need any assistance in getting caught up and in your best position to pass your classes.
I wanted to finish with some tips that you may already be doing, but it is always good to have reminders.  All of the below personal strategies reflect habits of successful individuals.
HEALTH: Create a bedtime routine. Sleep 8-10 hours every night. Wake up at the same time every morning. Exercise. Bath every day and wash your hands often.
COMMUNICATION: Reach out to your teachers through email, schoology, or Zoom.  Attend live class zooms and office hours.  Ask your teachers for help, clarifications and directions as needed.
TIME MANAGEMENT: Prioritize and Complete tasks by creating lists and folders for daily assignments.  Take breaks by stretching, walking, getting a glass of water regularly.  Create a daily schedule and routine which includes: waking up, eating, attending zoom classes, checking Schoology, completing assignments, exercise, and taking personal time.
In closing, all of the PV staff continues to hope that you stay safe and motivated to learn.  Continue to Face the challenges head on, Rise above the challenges, and take this learning environment as an opportunity to continue to get better in a world where adaptability is a key to success.
We look forward to the day when we can see you all in person.
Always a Panther...
Kelly Thur
Piedra Vista High School
(505) 599-8880

Parents and Students,

We are excited to announce that PVHS is ready and transitioning to “live” instruction. We have minimized the barriers that would have made this difficult at first and are now ready to provide“live” instruction, where as before, these barriers would have been a distraction to learning.

It is now expected that students are logged in to the ZOOM for each of these classes
throughout the day beginning Thursday, September 3. The schedule for classes is provided
below. Teachers will provide Zoom links for these “live” classrooms on their Schoology course
Although the scheduled time frames are 90 minutes, the actual “live” time will be 60 minutes.
Direct instruction time will last approximately 30 minutes with the additional time for teacher


The expectation is that students will engage in provided initial content which will be available at
least 1 day in advance. Students are expected to review this provided content so that they are
prepared for the scheduled “live” time on the following day. The beginning of “live” class time
will be for questions and discussions on the content that the teacher provided. Students may
also be presented with additional and related content during “live” time. Students will receive
guided practice during “live” time so that teachers can provide feedback on their progression to
understanding the content. The last part of this 60-minute time frame allows students to
continue with their independent practice of content and an opportunity, if needed, to receive
support during class time or through email after class time.
Students will check-in virtually and determine the tasks from each class that need completion.
These tasks may include assessments, previews of upcoming learning, and/or the opportunity
to complete assignments.
8:00am 1 st Period
9:30am 2 nd Period
11:00am 3 rd Period
1:00pm 4 th Period
8:00am 5 th Period
9:30am 6 th Period
11:00am 7 th Period
1:00pm Office Hours (Orchestra)

Due to response and concerns we have heard from several parents, we hope that this “live”
class structure will provide engagement and accountability practices you have requested for
your students.


Always a Panther
PVHS Staff and Administration