Piedra Vista High School - School Profile

5700 College Blvd, Farmington, NM 87402
Phone: 505-599-8880 Fax: 505-599-8891


Principal: Kelly Thur     Assistant Principals: Veronica Olivas, Ervin Truijilo, Lynsay Reinhardt

Farmington Municipal School District:

Farmington Municipal School District is a public-school district located in Farmington, New Mexico, population 46,000. The district covers a 807 square mile area in central San Juan County. The district also serves the communities of Napi HQ and a portion of Flora Vista. All FMS district schools above elementary school are supplied with MacBook computers in which the students and teachers can take home. FMS serves over 11,000 students per year.

Piedra Vista High School:

Piedra Vista is one of two traditional high schools in Farmington, NM and is home to approximately 1,600 students, grades 9-12. The school opened in the fall of 1998 and graduated its first senior class in 2000. Piedra Vista students have a traditional seven period schedule. Students are also required to take at least one AP, Honors or Dual Credit course as a graduation requirement.




Native American:      






895 of 1645 students are on Free or Reduced Lunch

Grading Scale

97.5-100: A+ Outstanding in thoroughness, accuracy, and performance

89.5-97.4: A

87.5-89.4: B+

79.5-87.4: B Above average in performance

77.5-79.4: C+

69.5-77.4: C Average in performance

67.5-69.4: D+ 59.5-67.4: D Below average in performance, but acceptable for graduation credit

For purposes of computing a student’s GPA, the following point system is used:

A+ 4.3

A 4.0

B+ 3.3

B 3.0

C+ 2.3

C 2.0

D+ 1.3

D 1.0

AP and select Dual Credit Classes are weighted on a 5.0 scale

Graduation Requirements

English:    4 Credits

Math:    4

Science:    3

Social Studies: 3.5

PE:   1

Health:   0.5

Foreign Lang or

Career Cluster:   1

Electives:   6

Dual Credit/AP/Honors:   1

Advanced Placement and Honors Courses Offered

English Literature

English Language

Calculus AB

Calculus BC

Statistics and Probability



Environmental Science


World History

US History


Human Geography

Computer Science A

Principles of Computer Science

Physical Science Honors

Biology Honors

English 9 Honors

English 10 Honors

Testing Profile

Class of 2021 Matriculation

Average ACT: 21

AP Tests Taken: 200

# at 3 or better: 60

30%- 4 year University or College

35%- 2 Year College or Trade School

35%- Military Enlistment, Workforce or Mission work

90%- Accepted to a 2 or 4-year school

Counseling Staff: Glenda Hardy, Courtney Lopez, Kelly Matajcich, Cherilynn Shorty, Joanna Thrower, Kelly Trilli and Rachel Yazzie

Registrar: Lynn Randall Ortiz