Dual Credit

Dear PVHS Community,

We are reaching out to you to inform you of an important change in the way Dual Credit Courses will be weighted starting in the upcoming second semester of the current academic year. Starting in 2023, grades for any course numbered 1110 and above will be weighted. This means that grades earned in dual credit courses numbered 1110 and above will be weighted by adding 1.0 to the point value for the grade earned in the course.

Participation in dual credit courses allows students to meet requirements for high school graduation while simultaneously earning college credits. During a review of courses, Farmington Municipal Schools opted for simplifying the process and making sure all students benefit equally from taking courses numbered 1110 and above.


This change is part of our commitment to expanding opportunities for students and comes as a result of critical discussions with educators, counselors, and parents.


If you are interested in Dual Credit Courses or for more information about this change, please contact your School Counselor.


Thank you.

Kelly Thur, Principal
Piedra Vista High School
(505) 599-8880