Pickup/Drop off


As we consider the safety of every student and staff member, we ask that you follow these procedures for student drop-off in the morning and student pick-up in the afternoon.

As we work through our processes with Freshmen the week of February 9 and make adjustments to our processes through the week of February 16th will all return to school students, thank you for your patience as we put your student’s safety at the forefront.

*You can help this speed up this process by making sure that you “screen” your student(s) through RUVNA each day they are scheduled to attend on campus learning. You will receive a text and/or email daily to complete the screening. Please complete this process separately for each student that you have attending PVHS.

STUDENT DROP OFF (Before School)
Upon arrival, there are 2 key locations to drop off your student that do not interfere with bus traffic, these are the
Main Entrance Parking Lot and the Theater Parking Lot.

1. Make sure that students have everything they need as they exit the vehicle.
2. Be mindful of other traffic in parking lots.
3. Students will proceed to a check in location to ensure screening is completed.
4. Students will maintain appropriate social distancing protocols as they proceed towards

their first class.
5. Students can proceed to the cafeteria for breakfast. (Provided for all students)
6. Either upon arrival or after getting breakfast at the cafeteria, students will proceed to

their 1st hour class on Tuesday/Thursday or 5th hour class on Wednesday/Friday.
7. Staff will be available in hallways to provide any needed directions and help students

proceed to their 1st /5th hour classes.
8. Teachers will supervise hallways and classrooms prior to 8am.
9. Any student arriving after 8am will need to use the Main Entrance
10. All students arriving on the bus will have the same procedure at the bus lane located at

the back of the gym.
11. In order for students to receive their full time of direct instruction and to not disrupt

classes with late arrival, we ask that you have your student(s) dropped off by 745am.

STUDENT PICK UP (After School)
1. Communicate with your student where you will be picking them up after school.
2. Students will proceed directly to their pickup location after the 312pm bell.
3. Students will find their transportation as soon as possible to leave campus.
4. Students will be reminded of social distancing as they wait for their rides.
5. Students riding the bus may remain in their last class to be called as buses arrive. This is

to maintain social distancing guidelines due to the limited space in the bus lane behind

the gym.
6. To ensure that there is appropriate supervision for students we ask that all students are

picked up by 3:45pm. (Contract times for staff ends at 3:45pm).