Check out Procedure

Check out Procedures Picking up student from the school

- Pull up to the front office and call Attendance at 599-8774. PLEASE STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE!! - We will ask you to verify your identification
- Student will come to the front office to sign out
- The student will then come out the front door to your vehicle

- PLEASE allow 15 to 20 minutes to get your student from class

Checking out a student who drives

-Call Attendance at 599-8774 OR

- Email
-Include the students name and the time the student needs to leave -Please send email at least 30 minutes prior to check out time.

-We will verify your identity with what we have on file
-The student will come to the front office to check out and then leave campus.

Late Check ins

-ALL late check ins will enter through the front office entrance. -All students will have to be screened before entering the building