PVHS Updates

April 7, 2020 


Students and Parents
First, I hope you are all well and staying safe and healthy...#stayathome...
I want to first thank you for your patience and flexibility during this time.  This is new for all of us and I wanted to let you know that the PVHS staff is working hard to provide procedures and practices that will provide opportunities for students to continue learning.
To provide you with the most current information we are remaining in our current status for this week...I encourage you to continue to take advantage of the opportunities that teachers are presenting for student growth and learning.  
Beginning April 13, we will continue with the continued learning opportunities in new content for 9th-11th grade students.  Our staff has been provided or has developed essential content for the remainder of the school year for the course specific topics that they will be providing as an opportunity for our students to continue to grow.  These lessons should average about 25 minutes per day for Monday through Thursday each week.  This includes delivery and aligned activity.  You will receive targeted feedback on your work to provide you with information on how to improve or address a misconception represented in your work.
By Monday, on the PV webpage will be a link that provides specific office hours for each teacher or department.  Please email your specific questions with teachers at these times.  These are the times you can expect immediate responses from our staff.  Of course, you can email outside of those times but the responses may be delayed.
In addition, through our CLP (Continued Learning Plan) and guidance from NMPED and FMS we will begin to place grades for Semester 2 into Powerschool. 
A Summary of highlights:
1.  Grades at this point are determined as a Pass or No Credit based on Q3.  These grades will be transcripted at the end of the Semester2 with a note placed about school closure.  For the foreseeable future, current high school student's GPA will be calculated using 7 semesters as these Pass/No Credit will not be factored into their GPA.
2.  Students who failed Q3 will have an opportunity to work with their teachers to provide evidence of learning to satisfy criteria in receiving a "Pass" for their semester2 grade.  (Quarter grades are not transcripted and we will no longer submit grade changes for Q3).  This change to a "Pass" will be represented as the Semester2 grade and will be transcripted.  If students do not provide evidence of satisfying criteria to pass with their teacher(s), their grade will remain "No Credit" for those courses that were failed in Q3.
3.  This same process will be in place for Seniors.   Every senior should know by the end of next week that they have met graduation requirements or what they need to complete in order to meet those requirements.  This information will be provided through email or phone conversations with their counselor.  Many options are available and these will be discussed individually with your counselors.
4.  A sigh of relief for many of this year's seniors...Senior Exhibition is cancelled. 
5.  Further information will continue to be provided.  The above is a summary of what you can expect moving forward during our extended school closure.  Please feel free to email teachers, counselors, or administration with your questions and concerns.  The school/staff directory is located on the PVHS webpage under the "school info" tab.
7.  There will be a survey about graduation sent to Seniors.  We are looking for ideas and opportunities to celebrate their success, whether traditionally or alternatively.  If you have ideas, please let us know so we can discuss with our Graduation Team.  Without knowing what the future holds, we are preparing for many options.  Information will be provided as we find solutions.
Our staff will continue to meet weekly with their departments and content groups to discuss learning goals, content delivery, and activities that can be provided for students.  This instruction will be reflected in their correspondence with students through their platform...most likely Schoology.
Again, I hope all of you remain safe and healthy and all of us at PVHS are looking forward to face to face interactions with each and every one of you...



March 30, 2020

Students, Parents, Staff

First, I hope you all remain well and in good spirits.  I want to acknowledge and appreciate your patience as we work through the latest news from the NMPED regarding closure for the remainder of the school year.

To provide you with the most current updates I am providing the following information:

 District officials, along with school leaders and other personnel, are reviewing latest documents provided by the NMPED and what learning looks like over the next couple of months. While there are many questions, we anticipate that many of the questions will be answered through our continuous learning plan as it meets the requirements of the NMPED. Particular questions we hope to answer will be those around seniors graduation requirements and the Pass/No Credit status. I ask for your patience in this regard and I will provide an update to our learning plan moving forward by the end of the week. 

 For Seniors, I know that this last quarter has not been what you envisioned.  We are working as best as we can to provide you with as many typical opportunities as possible, however, they will look different in the current circumstance.  You will continue to remain updated and be provided opportunities to share your input as we navigate these processes. Continue your work in the required courses, particularly with dual credit and credit recovery, if applicable. 

I encourage all students continue to view, learn, and complete tasks provided by their teachers as this learning could be represented in their Pass/No Credit achievements for this semester.  Though voluntary at this time, the content could be included in future lessons that determine Pass/No Credit status. 

Again, I wish all of you the best.  I hope that you remain healthy and safe.  We will get through this together.

 Always a Panther! 


March 27, 2020

Parents and Students, 


I hope everyone is taking care of personal health and safety during this time.  I also hope that you have taken opportunities to spend this time with your families and loved ones.


Today, we received the initial news that schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year.  I know there are more questions than answers at this time.  I have faith that our leaders and teachers will develop plans that provide continuing learning opportunities and what this closure means for many topics including: Graduation, credits, events, essential content and others.  As I said, we do not have any answers at this time and it is crucial that you allow our decision and policy makers to work through processes that provided answers to the many questions that we also have at this time.  I assure everyone that we will communicate the details of any procedures that are agreed upon and hopefully answers to your many questions.


This is new territory for us as educators as well, we will adapt and explore options that continue to provide as many opportunities as possible that are in the best interest in the education of our students.   Please provide us with the time to adapt our curriculum and patience to receive that information, we are working as quickly as we are capable.


I will provide weekly updates that should answer many questions as we move through this closure.  I will also provide any information that will need to be known by students, parents, and teachers as information is given to me and is vital to the continuing education of our students at this time.


Seniors are of specific interest to everyone.  Our counselors will be working endlessly in their communication with Seniors to inform and provide opportunities to ensure that students who can graduate…will graduate.  Once we receive detailed documents and are able to determine what our local education agency (district and school) will need for graduation requirements, we will provide that information as soon as we can.


Again, I hope you are all well and taking time with your loved ones.  Expect communication regularly.  I appreciate your flexibility and patience.  We will figure this out.


Our staff will maintain current practices that we have put in place during the temporary closure, and will provide information to their students once the receive direction for the permanent closure for their remainder of the school year.


I hope to have initial information early next week.  You will receive another email with this information.  This information will also be posted on the PVHS website at pvhs.district.fms.k12.nm.us.


Always a Panther!

March 23, 2020 
PVHS Staff, Students, and Parents


First, I hope that you have had a good scheduled Spring Break.  We are now into our extended closure due to Coronavirus Directions from State and Federal entities.  We are now entering uncharted territory and your adaptability and flexibility are appreciated as we navigate through what is next.  As you know, news and directions change regularly and we will try our best to remain in communication with you regarding updates.  At PVHS, we are committed to helping students through this time in continuing their education as best as possible.  


This email will outline and detail what you can expect from PVHS Staff and Administration during this time and also other information that you may need.
For the most current update, please visit https://district.fms.k12.nm.us for more information.  Please check regularly for district response to directions as well as meal delivery plan schedules and technology access.


PHVS will continue to provide opportunities for instruction and resources through our normal channels including Google, Gmail, and Schoology.  Students should check their teacher's Schoology pages and their email for more information from their teachers.  Please encourage students to log on to Schoology and/or Gmail to check for lessons and resources posted by their teachers.
Teachers have been instructed to provide feedback for assignments submitted; work will not count towards a grade at this time.  This opportunity for independent learning, enriching, filling gaps, and deepening understanding of content is strongly encouraged as we continue to look at the long term goals for each student pertaining to future such as the SAT, AP, EOC exams, and needed content for their next year's coursework.
If any students have any specific academic questions including scholarship and college information, please contact your counselor through Gmail or leave a message at 505-599-8880 with specific and detailed information including your name and contact number.
If any student needs a transcript or demographic information, email Mr. Hopkins our registrar at jhopkins@fms.k12.nm.us with your request.


AP Students: stay in contact with your teachers and counselors regarding upcoming tests.  College Board is working on putting resources on their website to help each student prepare for the test and upcoming testing information.  These resources will be communicated by your teachers.

SJC/Dual Credit:  Students need to be in contact with their instructors this week to find out how those teachers are proceeding in the following weeks.  You can email them through Canvas at https://canvas.sanjuancollege.edu/login/ldap . If you are having issues getting into Canvas you may call the Help Line at 566-3266, have your student ID# ready.  IT IS IMPERATIVE YOU STAY IN COMMUNICATION WITH SJC INSTRUCTORS.
Credit Recovery/Tutorial Students: Edgenuity will remain open through this period and students will need to work at home to gain their credit in recovery.  Lessons and quizzes will be open as needed.  Lynsay Reinhardt will be your contact for opening tests and quizzes.  She will also contact you as group regarding procedure with your current tutorial teacher. Mrs. Reinhardt can be contacted at lreinhardt@fms.k12.nm.us .  SENIORS, IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE YOUR CREDIT RECOVERY CLASSES, YOU WILL NOT GRADUATE.  

After School Senior Credit Recovery: Teachers will contact students with their assignments and needs to complete their coursework.  SENIORS, IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE YOUR CREDIT RECOVERY CLASSES, YOU WILL NOT GRADUATE.
Students who receive support services:  Your case manager will be in contact with both parents and students to update and confirm any IEP needs.

SCHOOL BASED SUPPORT (Social/Emotional, Health) :  Emotional support is available during this time.  Please email Pamela Edwards at pedwards@fms.k12.nm.us for any support.  You can also check the website: https://district.fms.k12.nm.us/coronavirus/resources_for_parents/emotional_support

FMS FOOD SERVICES:  Check https://district.fms.k12.nm.us/coronavirus/meals for schedules of delivery.
Food services will have curbside meal distribution at various schools in the district from 8-10am Monday thru Friday.


During this time, our computer techs are available and can help you with laptop needs via a help desk ticket or an email to Mr. Sartin or Mr. Martinez.  They can be contacted at gsartin@fms.k12.nm.us or nmartinez@fms.k12.nm.us  We understand that not all students have access to the internet each day.  There are available hot-spots at each school in parking lots, but we understand that students may face health and other barriers to online access during this time. You can also submit a ticket to https://fms.incidentiq.com or call the technology office at 505-599-8820 and leave a message.  Please include your student's name and school as well as your contact information. 
If you need internet service, please review some resources at: 

If you have any further questions or need additional information, you can call PVHS at 505-599-8880 and leave a voicemail.  Please be as specific as you can in your message with your name, student name and contact number so that our staff can forward to the appropriate resource.

You can get more information about FMS District response to coronavirus at their webpage . https://district.fms.k12.nm.us

If you have not already liked our FMS or PVHS Facebook page, please do so to receive information through that platform.

Spanish Resource:  Please email Pattie Trevizo for any questions.  Contact her at ptrevizo@fms.k12.nm.us 

Thank you for your patience and perseverance.  We are adjusting daily and hope that our entire community is safe and healthy.  We believe the measures taken to this point are good for the entire community.  We will come back stronger and with great appreciation for our face to face opportunities.

As we gain further information, we will do our best to inform.  You can also check the websites in the above text for ongoing updates.



Kelly Thur

Piedra Vista High School
(505) 599-8880