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My Main Page
Mr. Cain

Pysics, AP Physics C and Physical Science

Location: Classroom B113

        On the left you will find the link to my classes.

For Physical Science
 To access the textbook online go to and click login
               Username: PVpanthers2014
                Password: physicalscience14

Room B113

Required Materials;
        Ringbound Notebook
        Composition Notebooks
        Scientific Calculator

Physics and AP Physics Course Topics;                                           
1. Review; About Science and Math Skills
2. Motion in one dimesion
3. Vectors and two dimensional motion   
4. The laws of motion
5. Work and engergy
6. Momentum and collisions
7.  Circular motion and the law of gravity
8. -Rotational Dynamics (AP ONLY)       
9. Satellite Motion abnd Universal Gravitation  
10. -Simple Harmonic Motion (AP ONLY)
11. Waves and Nuclear Chemistry ( Physics ONLY)                 

Make-up work
Students have 2 days to make up homework for an excused absence. In accordance with the student handbook.

** All test and quizzes must be completed in the classroom.  A student may not take a test/quiz out of the classroom.

Grading Policy;
* 90-100 = A
* 80-89 = B
* 70-79 = C
* 60-69 = D
*0-59 = F

Semester grade will be determined as follows;
Quarter 1(3) + Quarter 2(4) = 80%
Semester Exams = 20%

Grade Determination for Physical Science
Test & quizzes = 40%
Homework/Classwork, Bell Ringers = 30%
Labs, Activities and Projects = 30 %

Grade Determination for Physics
Test & quizzes = 60%
Homework/Classwork, Bell Ringers = 20%
Labs, Activities and Projects = 20 %

Grade Determination for AP Physics
Test & quizzes = 60%
Homework/Classwork, Bell Ringers = 20%
Labs, Activities and Projects = 20 %

Rules and Expectations (posted in Rm B115)
1. Students will pay attention, follow directions and stay on task
2. No food or drink in class
3. Hats, hoods and sunglasses will be removed before entering the room
4. No profanity or negative comments
5. No leaving seat without permission
6. Students will participate in all classroom activities without disrupting other students
7. All school rules apply

Behavior correction steps and Consequences; (if the behavior is severe a referral is made at once)
1. Warned
2. Parent called or emailed
3. Referral