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Senior Exhibition Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers  Needed on Monday, March 5th and Tuesday, March 6th.

Adult volunteers are needed to hear student presentations each night from 5:00PM to 9:00PM.

This is a great opportunity to experience Senior Exhibition either as a parent or a community volunteer.

Please signup at the eventbrite site

THANK YOU in advance for your support of Piedra Vista High School.  


The Senior Exhibition Project is a one credit graduation requirement, approved by the NM State Department of Education. Students will earn a grade by completion of tasks.

There are several types of projects:

  • Academic Research projects focus on an area of interest that a student would like to explore further. Some examples are historical research of persons or an era, design and carry out a scientific experiment, study a new language and or culture, or perhaps comparison of literature.
  • Service Learning projects focus on helping the community with a necessary service and also researching areas that you are curious about. Some examples are volunteering at the hospital, animal shelter, senior citizen center, or Habitat for Humanity.  Examples of research with a litter clean-up project could include research of an area landfill, recycling, or what fast food companies are doing to slow litter. All athletic coaching projects must be first approved through the PVHS athletic director, Mr. Whalen. NMAA guidelines allow high school students to work with K-6th grade students. Projects approved by both Mr. Whalen and the Senior Exhibition Committee must follow NMAA guidelines at all times during completion of project hours.
  • Career Investigation projects focus on exploring a career you are interested in by job shadowing or interning (unpaid.) Some examples are investigating professions and businesses but also could include woodworking, photography, agriculture, or auto mechanics. The research aspect of this project could include investigation of training requirements, salary expectations, or future need for that career.

Culmination of the project will be a written, projected, and verbal presentation of the project to a community/faculty panel allowing students to learn/use many valuable skills needed for their future in a career and college.

The skills of the senior project include:

1) pursuit of a long term independent study
2) expansion of research skills
3) management of time and deadlines
4) practice and use of effective written, technology and verbal presentation techniques
5) development of relationships with adult mentors
6) analysis of the entire senior project