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School Resource Officer- R. Paquin

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Officer Paquin has been with the Farmington Police Department since 2003.  He graduated from the Holyoke Community College with an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice in 1980.  Officer Paquin has been in Law Enforcement since 1986.  He retired from the Arlington County, Virginia Police Department as a Sergeant in 2003.  Prior to his career in Law Enforcement, Officer Paquin was a United States Marine and a Special Security Officer for the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.  Officer Paquin was assigned to the Farmington Police Department Detective Division in December 2009 in the SRO/Juvenile Detective position.  Officer Paquin is married and has 13 children, 10 of whom still live at home with him.  Officer Paquin also has 2 grandchildren.  Officer Paquin and his wife adopted some of their children.  He enjoys spending all of his available time with his family.  

Officer Paquin is very involved in community organizations:
Officer Paquin is the Assistant Local Community Organizer for the San Juan County Toys For Tots Program.
He is a Rider Coach and Site Coordinator for the New Mexico Motorcycle Safety Program and lectures at driving schools often.
Officer Paquin is licensed and certified to drive School Buses.
Officer Paquin is Certified as a Police Bicycle Operator
Officer Paquin is Certified as a CPR/AED Instructor

Officer Paquin was the Farmington Police Department Officer of the Year recipient for 2004. Officer Paquin and his wife were Foster Parents for 5 years and during that time were named Foster Parents of the Year for 2005.  Officer Paquin was awarded the Chief's Community Involvement Award for 2013.

Over the course of his career, Officer Paquin has held positions as a Patrol Officer, Motorcycle Officer, Crime Scene/Evidence  Technician, Special Weapons and Tactics Operative, Field Training Officer, and Shift Supervisor.  He is certified as a Traffic Crash Reconstructionist, Child Safety Seat Technician, National Association of School Resource Officers, and the Law Enforcement Bicycle Association.

Ron Paquin
Juvenile Detective FPD
SRO Piedra Vista High School
(505) 599-8880 X3230

School Resource Officers:

School Resource Officers (SRO's) were first implemented into the Farmington Municipal Schools in 1990.  The program is part of the Farmington Police Department Community Policing Effort.  There are currently 6 School Resource Officers who provide service to three High Schools, four Middle Schools, and ten Elementary Schools.

These officers are first and foremost police officers.  The goal of the SRO Program is to bridge what was a widening gap between the youth of the community and the police.  The SRO's work very closely with the Office of Juvenile Probation of the Division of Children, Youth, and Families.  The idea being to attempt to prevent juveniles from commiting criminal offenses placing them into the Juvenile Justice System.  This is generally accomplished through education efforts.  The SRO's also work closely with the Student Assistance Counselors.  The SRO's must often react to criminal problems in or around the schools through traffic enforcement, Citations for Delinquent Acts, or the detention (arrest) of a juvenile.

If there is an issue you find regarding a student, it is very important that you first contact school officials.  A SRO must follow constitutional law.  If the problem appears to be criminal in nature, the school officials will contact the SRO.  The SRO then works with the school officials to determine the best course of action to be taken.

Presentations Available:

Alcohol/Drug Awareness
Law Enforcement Career Opportunities
Constitutional Law
School Safety
Juvenile Justice Processes
Netsmartz- Internet/Technology Safety
Bicycle Safety

The SRO's also conduct presentations regarding Parent Awareness.  

Each year, the SRO's conduct a "Summer Adventure Challenge" for at risk juveniles.  During these sessions, juveniles are instructed in overcoming challenges such as Land Navigation by using a compass, Rapelling, Canoeing and Water Rescues , Safe Bicycle Operation, and Team Building.

Each SRO is also a Juvenile Detective and therefore are assigned cases involving juveniles.  This includes documenting these  incidents through police reports, conducting follow-up investigations, and sometimes testifying in court.

Schools also request SRO's to work at sporting events, dances, and other functions.

Assisting You:

SRO's are available to assist you with many various issues.  The issues do not need to be criminal in nature.  SRO's have many community contacts to assist with family issues as well.


SRO's are obligated by law to keep information confidential.  This applies even if the information was given to us by school personnel.  it must be remembered that if the situation develops a concern with the safety of anyone, the officer can pass pertinent information to anyone deemed necessary.