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PVHS Senior College Prep Check List

Visit your FACE Counselor and your Academic Counselor to answer any questions you may have about your senior year, financial aid and the next steps to college entrance and your Naviance Log in.

Class Schedule
  • Check to make sure you are taking all of the classes you need to graduate.
  • Make sure you have two years of foreign language if you are going to a four-year school.
  • Take challenging classes that you know you will be successful in.
  • Fill out paper work to see if you qualify for the free or reduced lunch program.  Being enrolled in this program allows you free summer school tuition and waivers for the ACT, SAT and some college application fees.
  • No skipping class! Be there or be square!
  • Turn in ALL assignments 0s= Fs
  • Be an advocate for yourself and create positive relationships with your teachers.
Extracurricular Activities
  • Make sure you are involved in SOMETHING, colleges and scholarship committees look for extra activities and going above and beyond just school.
  • Do community service and volunteer work, many scholarships and colleges want to see service work on your applications
  • Make sure you can log in, update your information, and research career and college options.
Create your resume/update your resume
  • Get registered for ACT or SAT ASAP-
  • Only two or three more dates available for seniors to re-test and meet deadlines
  • Make sure to send your scores to colleges you are interested in
  • Upload your picture, ask your FACE counselor for a digital copy of your Power School picture if you need it.
Student Athletes
  • If you plan to play Division I or Division II sports you must become eligible through the NCAA clearing house. Go to to register
Narrow your list of colleges to 4 or 5.  Meet with your FACE advisor in the Guidance Office to talk about them. Plan to visit as many on your list as you can.

Buy a paper planner or create a calendar on your phone, whatever works best for you.  Write down all deadlines for each of the colleges that you have chosen such as:
  • Test dates
  • Application due dates
  • Scholarship application due dates
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Other important high school related dates
Scholarships- start to research
  • Look on the financial aid pages of the colleges you are interested in.  Sometimes you are automatically applied for institutional scholarships and sometimes there is a separate form.
Attend Fall College Fair at PVHS (Tuesday September 13th)

Narrow down college choices to 1-4
  • Ask teachers, counselors, principals and/or community members for letters of recommendation.  Get the letter in a hard copy and a digital format. (You may not ask family members)
  • Provide a detailed list of extracurricular activities and volunteer work to your recommenders
  • Give two weeks for recommender to write the letter.  Check in with them after one week to see if they need any other materials for your letter.
  • Many colleges and scholarships require an essay.  Make sure you have at least two teachers/counselors look over the essay for you before you submit.
  • Starting in 2016 the Free Application for Federal Student Aid will be filed in October for the 17/18 school year.
  • Attend FAFSA workshop
  • Fill out FAFSA before deadlines
Males who are 18 need to register with the selective service in order to be eligible for Federal Student Aid.  Call Selective Services at 888-655-1825

  • Make sure applications, test scores and transcripts are submitted to your top schools.
  • UNM and NMSU deadlines are December 1st for many priority scholarships
  • Have the registrar send your official transcripts to all schools you applied to
  • Meet with your FACE Counselor and tell them which schools you have applied for and to ask for new local scholarships in the office
  • At the end of this month most Early Decision/Early Action applicants should receive an admission decision.  Contact the institution if you have not heard anything.
  • End of your first semester, make sure you are on track to pass all of your classes and are prepared for next semester
  • Some colleges may want an updated transcript with 1st semester grades on it.  See the registrar to send and updated transcript if the college requests one.
  • Check in with the FACE Counselors to see about any new local scholarships and to relay any new information about financial awards and if you were accepted in to any colleges.
  • Update Naviance
  • Last chance to register for ACT, test will be in February.
  • Keep your focus on your grades!  Being accepted into a college is contingent on your second semester grades.
  • Contact colleges to make sure they have all required information
  • Contact your FACE Counselors for help with Financial Aid forms
  • Scholarship deadlines are approaching!  
  • If you applied to colleges late last fall you should have received an admission decision by now.  If you have not heard, call and ask.
  • Take a last college visit over spring break or participate in a college preview day.
  • If you have not already, at the end of this month you should make a decision on where you are going to college
  • Sign up for housing, meal plans and new student orientation
  • Stop by the FACE Office to see if we have any new Scholarships
  • Make your final decision on a college if you have not done so.
  • Fill our your housing application, meal plan and register for new student orientation
  • Lots of scholarship deadlines this month.  Fill them out and send them in!
  • Talk with your FACE Counselor about your final decisions
  • Notify the FACE Counselors of any academic awards your have received from colleges and scholarships.
  • Home stretch!  This is your last month of high school! Enjoy, tie up any loose ends and make sure you are passing all of your classes, including dual credit.
  • Pay your housing deposits if you have not done so already. Usually these are non-refundable
  • Fill out final transcript request so the registrar knows where to send your final transcript (only one school please)
  • Pay your fines.  If you do not pay your fines. You will not receive your diploma.
  • Line up your summer plans, will you work to save money or do an enrichment program.
  • Notify the FACE Counselors of any academic awards your have received from colleges and scholarships. (before awards night)
  • Keep this website in mind if you need to buy text books.
  • Go forth and do great things! Best of luck!