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PVHS 11th Grade College Prep Checklist

        • Junior year will probably be your most challenging year.  Make sure you stay on top of your classes this year and stay motivated.

  • • Check your schedule and meet with your academic advisor to make sure you are taking all the classes you need to graduate.
  • •Meet with a FACE Counselor and make sure you have the correct login information for Naviance and learn how to use the college searching tools. And to pick of college resource materials
  • •Research college options and create a list of colleges you are interested in.
  • •Clarify your educational goals and preferences, i.e. what do you want to do after high school?
  • •Visit with college representatives when they come to school during lunch hour.
  • •Apply for the free or reduced lunch program, if you havenít already.  Being enrolled in this program will qualify you for ACT/SAT test waivers, reduced summer school tuition if needed as well as waived application fees.

  • September
        • Check PSAT dates and register for the exam this fall.  See your academic counselor if you need a fee waiver.
        • Study for the ACT/SAT throughout the year. You will take the test this spring and need to be prepared.
        • Make sure you are involved with at least one extracurricular activity.   This year and next you should consider moving into a leadership    role within the organization
        • Write/update your resume
        • Create a list of people from whom you will request college and scholarship letters of recommendation.
        • Attend the PVHS College Fair.
        • Plan credit recovery with your advisor if needed

        • Campus visits if possible

        • Update your list of colleges

        • Take PSAT

        • Campus visit for Thanksgiving break if you have the time

        • Check ACT dates for the spring and decide which test you will take

        • Make a list of questions you need to ask to college representatives

        •Keep an eye on your grades make sure you are passing all of your classes before finals week
        •Take a practice test for ACT/SAT