Piedra Vista High School is pleased to introduce Family Connection from Naviance, a Web-based service designed especially for students and parents. Naviance is a premier Web-based program that can assist students to chart a course toward achievement-whatever their starting point and end goals might be. The individualized system guides studentís steps toward their desired destinations. Students are inspired to become their best-using the innovative planning tools to chart a path towards academic, personal and career success.

Naviance Succeed reinforces the connection between todayís academic choices and tomorrowís opportunities while encouraging students to consider every option. A visible path mapping their coursework to their goals keeps students engaged and focused. Students have the ability to build personalized success plans, discover more about individual learning styles and explore a multitude of career choices and college choices.

School counselors and advisors will use Naviance to assist students in every aspect of the planning process. Counselors, students and parents will have the ability to work collaboratively to plan courses, identify appropriate college choices, make application to colleges and insure all aspects of the career planning process are completed in a timely and thorough manner.

Students and parents have access to Naviance through a web site. This component of Naviance is called Family Connection. Students can use this tool to have active participation in the exploration and planning of their career.

Parents have access to the portfolio that has been completed by their student and are then better prepared to support the student in the career planning process. The Family Connection was designed to serve the needs of the students and parents while at the same time giving the counselor a tool to insure the student has met his or her goals in planning for the future.

Naviance Family Connection will allow students and parents to:
Get Involved in the Planning and Advising Process - Complete the Next Step; Plan Order transcripts; Build a résumé; complete on-line surveys; and manage timelines and deadlines for making decisions about colleges and careers;
My Resume - This link give students an easy way to develop a resume. The screen will provide boxes for students to enter information and, in turn, transforms the information entered into a resume.
My Game Plan - A series of questions that are designed to help the counselor work with each student to develop a game plan for achieving their goals after graduation. Answers to these questions can be changed at any time and answers are not shared with anyone other than the counselor.
Research Careers - Naviance Family Connection offers the “Career Interest Profiler” as an on-line career interest assessment for students based on Hollandís interest codes. The “Do What You Are” feature begins with a personality inventory and concludes with a report describing the studentís personality type, potential careers, and related majors. The results link students directly to detailed career profiles, which include educational requirements, salary data, and in some cases even multimedia presentations. Students may also link directly to the college database to find colleges that offer an educational path to each career;
Take a Learning Style Inventory - The innovative Learning Style Inventory gives important insights about how students learn in order to help each student achieve maximum potential. The tool assesses the following dimensions that affect a studentsí learning: Immediate environment; Emotionality; Sociological needs; and Physical needs;
Research Colleges - Compare GPA, standardized test scores, and other statistics to actual historical data from our school for students who have applied and been admitted in the past; enter criteria such as size, location, cost, availability of specific majors or athletic programs; students can then produce a list of colleges that meet their criteria.
Scattergrams - A graphical view of application outcomes (accepted, denied, waitlisted) at a college for recent Piedra Vista applicants, using GPA and ACT or SAT scores. Students can gauge their chances of acceptance by comparing personal GPA/ACT numbers with those of successful applicants. If your student has not taken the ACT or SAT exam yet, it will take your student's PLAN score and estimate what their ACT score will be in order to allow you to still use this feature.
Transcripts - You will be able to view when your transcripts/applications were sent to the colleges for which you applied.
Letters of Recommendation - You will be able to view when a letter of recommendation you requested from a teacher has been turned into the counseling office.
Sign Up for College Visits - Find out which colleges are visiting our school and sign up to attend those sessions;
Apply for Scholarships - Check the most up-to-date list of scholarships that are on the local, state and national level.
Study for SAT/ACT using PrepMe - An online course that will help you build your math, reading, writing, and SAT/ACT test prep skills. Through your schoolís Naviance Family Connection site, you will be able to complete the course and track all of the work you complete. PrepMe uses proven strategies that are clear and easy to understand for any type of learner and students have seen measurable progress using the course.

Students can get their login information from their advisor. Parents can get their login information through their student or from Piedra Vista directly.

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