PVHS Advisory

Here you will find information and resources for advisory lessons.

For the month of September, during Advisory we will be focusing on goals.  We will be using the book
5:  Where Will You Be Five Years from Today? by Dan Zadra.

Overview of the Goals Unit

September 9th - PV Goals        
All the answers to the "Let's Talk about PV" questions will be emailed for discussion.  The sudents will then create goals of how they can be more involved at PV during this school year.

September 16th - Academic Goals
Progress Reports will be distributed.  The students will then create academic goals.

September 23rd - Personal Goals
The students will create goals for their personal lives.  These will be short-term and goals for the next five years.

September 30th - Community Goals
For three weeks, the students will have focused on themselves.  This week, students will discuss how they can make our community better.  Each Advisory group will be challenged to do something for our community, either at PV or anywhere in Farmington.  Advisory groups can choose to accept the challenge, or not.  The only part of the lesson that is required is the group discussion part.  However, if your group chooses to accept the challenge, you will have the entire month of October to make it happen.  Then, in November, Advisory groups who complete their community goal will be treated to donuts, pizza, ice cream, or whatever they want, within reason of course.  Advisory groups may also choose to create a presentation of their accomplishment and present it to PV during Advisory in November.     

Activity for 9th - 11th graders "Let's talk about PV!"
Seniors will have an assembly in the gym.

Below is a list of questions that will get your students talking about our wonderful school.  Do this activity any way that is best for you and your students.  You might print off this list of quesitons, cut them apart, and have students draw a question.  Or you might display the list of questions. Or you might pick a few and lead the discussion.  Or you might print the list and divide your students and the questions into groups.  There is no right way to do this and the only way to get it wrong is to not do it at all!  Your students can access their email, the PVHS website, Google, you, the PV expert, or any other resource to answer the questions.  But, since this is not a scavenger hunt, please don't let your leave advisory to find the answers!

If you want, you may reply to this email with any answers you and your students find, and we will try to get them all answered and send this back to you on Friday.

PVHS Questions:

What date does the Class of 2015 graduate?

How many consecutive State Championships has the girls softball team won?

What year did the first group of seniors graduate from PV?

What are PV's school colors?

Who was the first Principal of PVHS?

Who is the golf coach?

What class does Mr. Turner teach and coach?

Who is the tennis Coach?

How many instruments are played in the PV Pride Band?

What club does Mrs. Debbie Fowler and Mrs. Platero sponsor?

List five new teachers at PV this year.

Who is the chemistry teacher at PVHS?

What is the new band director's name?

How many State Championships has the Choir won and what is the name of their annual spring performance?

How much does school lunch cost?

What grade do you have to have completed before you can take dual credit classes?

What is the name of the PVHS dance team?

Who are the JROTC instructors?

How many credits does the class of 2015 need to graduate?  Class of 2018?

Name five staff members that have been at PVHS since it opened.

What is the name of the school yearbook?

Who is the cheer coach?

The acronym DEAR stands for what?

Who is the Student Body President this year?

How many books are shelved in the PV library?

What is an Honor Graduate?

List five clubs at PV.

If you wanted to be on the swim team, who would you talk to on our campus?

What day does the 1st nine weeks end?

Who is the French Club sponsor?

Name one campus activity that meets in the library.

Name the five PV Administrators.

Who is the theater at PV named after?  

How many students attend PV?

When was the last time the baseball team won state?

What event did the cross country team sponsor this past weekend on the PV campus?

Who is the bowling team sponsor?

What is the new Orchestra teacher's name?

When is the first home football game and against whom?

In which English teacher's room did the wrestling team have study hall last year?

How many PVHS flags does Senate put out on Fridays?

What else would you like to know about PV?

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