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Naat'aanii Yazhi Youth Council
 “A group of students who work together, A group of students who trust each other” by Hunter Spain 9th grade
Naatíaanii Yazhi Youth Councilís Objectives:
  •         learn how to work with other young people
  •         develop greater self-esteem and self-confidence develop communication skills
  •         develop leadership skills
  •         develop organizational skills
  •         build strong and lasting friendships
  •         gain self-worth and inner-strength to battle negative peer pressure develop winning attitudeslearn how to take responsibility for their actions
  •         contribute to making a difference in Native America.
Expectation:  Naatíaanii Yazhi Youth Council are expected to conduct activities in community service, cultural heritage, environment, and healthy lifestyles.
  •         volunteered to help the elderly or handicapped
  •         presented workshops on leadership, peer pressure and school participation
  •         sponsored youth camps and conferences
  •         sponsored food and clothing drives

  •         sponsored health forums and health career day
  •         purchased Christmas toys for less fortunate children
  •         sponsored trash clean up days
  •         participated in beading and craft classes
  •         sponsored alcohol and drug free dances/activities
  •         participated in a governorís page program
As a member of the UNITY Network,
I accept spirituality as an important foundation for a healthy, balanced lifestyle;
...recognize that pride in my culture and preservation of my heritage give me strength and dignity;
...will be honest, understanding and respectful of the diversity and uniqueness of self, others and our environment;
...know the importance of refraining from the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and drugs to maintain physical and mental well-being in order to be a positive role model for present and future generations, and finally
...make a personal commitment to strive toward reaching my full potential.                                                                                                                                                                                                               11917_90413_0.jpg                                                    11917_85908_2.jpg 
Canossa Victor Secretary, Tenille Bull Bear Vice President, Brendell Littleben President, Anselm Hollie Treasurer          Theme music by Red "Drum & Puppy Love"    


Hunter Spain -Ambassador    Hunter With Sheriff Shane Ferrari  Oct 31,2017

Pageant Show  

Adorable Magical Moments~

Cheyenne Manheimer                                             Jalen Junes~ Naatíaanii               Brendell Littleben (Warrior)  Sierra Prettyboy 1st

  11917_91038_0.jpg  11917_91139_1.jpg   11917_91302_5.jpg


Judges- San Juan College/ Native American Studies            Crowing by Miss San Juan College


Talents of all~ Poems, Guitar Playing, Speeches, Card tricks, Fancy Shawl Dancing, Weaving demonstration~




Panthers Home Coming Parade:Tsxi[g0 'a1niití8”


                                                                                                                     Shiprock Fair 2017


 8th grade: Kamryn Joe, Jesse John, Alyssa Howe, Rylan Tsosie, Kyle Thompson, Tavaree Holmes, Cieara Victor, Caitlin Price (Heights MS


PVHS VS. Cleavand 10/20/ 2017            Frybread Time!                         ~Friday Night Lights~iiss
                                                        No More Frybread Sold OUT!!

Shiprock Indian Market (Selling Time Oct 21, 2017~ Naana Frybread! Beso Maker iiss)

                                             Giving up Saturday to fund raise for a field Trip to Santa Fe

November/ National Native American Heritage Month

(November 06-10) 2017 Activities both Lunches